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Scuba Certifications


Get Your Scuba Diving Certification in Puerto Rico

DIGITAL IMAGENow is the time to start training to become the scuba diver that you’ve always wanted to be. PADI sets the world standard for scuba diving and one of the best places in Puerto Rico to get PADI Open Water dive certification is at Paradise Scuba Center. Our PADI certified diving instructors will train you in every aspect of scuba diving, beginning with classroom instruction on ocean basics. This scuba dive course also includes ‘confined water’ sessions (in a pool or similar), 4-tank boat dives and the final open water test and written test for certification. At the end of it all, you’ll be a certified PADI Open Water Diver! After your certification you’ll be able to scuba dive in Puerto Rico or worldwide.

PADI Open Water Certifications in Puerto Rico

DIGITAL IMAGEYou have two options for your PADI dive courses at Paradise Scuba. If you live in Puerto Rico or would like to complete all of your classroom work, we would be happy to walk through the entire course here with you in the shop. But, if you want to spend your vacation in Puerto Rico scuba diving with as little time in the classroom as possible, we suggest that you visit before your trip and get enrolled in advance in the PADI Open Water Course. This will cover all of your scuba diving basics and classroom work from home ahead of time and then once you’re in Puerto Rico, you can complete your final scuba diving certification test in La Parguera with Paradise Scuba. This means that you’ll get your Open Water Certification here in Puerto Rico and be able to go on dives from then on as a certified scuba diver.

If you have any more questions about our Puerto Rico Open Water Certification courses or scuba diving in La Parguera PR, feel free to contact us any time and talk to our professional staff about your options. We ensure that diving in South Puerto Rico will be the highlight of your trip!

Our Open Water Certification schedule

On appointment basis.

Prices for Puerto Rico PADI Certification:
Private Course (One on one) – $450.00 per person
Semi private course (2 persons) – $375.00 per person
Group course (3 or more) – $325.00 per person
Referral course – $300.00 per person
Elearning course – $300.00 per person