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Dive Sites In La Parguera

La Parguera is one of the richest areas of the island of Puerto Rico when it comes to number and variety of dive sites.  The Wall at Parguera alone offers such an abundance of diving that it could keep you busy for days on end.   In our immediate vicinity, we have over 20 world-class dive sites, ranging from coral head formations to caves to steep walls.  The Wall itself is over 22 miles long and ranges in depth from 60 to 1500 feet.  Water temperature and visibility in these Caribbean waters make for ideal scuba diving conditions.  Natural fish life in Puerto Rico includes a wide range of vertebrates and invertebrates – you’ll find moral eels, rays, turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins, lobster, crabs, sea cucumbers, starfish, manatee and more.

Dive Site Old Bouy

A sloping drop along the wall. Home to large green moray eels, huge snappers and occasionally eagle rays soaring up from the deep.

Dive Site Chimney

Characterized by large holes through rocky substrate from 40 to 70 feet deep. This feature attracts ocean Triggerfish, French Angelfish and Creole Wrasse as well as many invertebrates. An underwater paradise for photographers.

Dive Site Black Wall

One of the most spectacular dive sites in Puerto Rico. The lip of the wall begins at 60 to 70 feet and drops vertically to 150 feet and beyond. Wire coral, deep water barrel sponges and black coral decorate the bottom.

Dive Site Enrique

Enjoyed by both snorkelers and divers. The reef begins at the margin of the grass beds with soft corals and continues down to 60 feet. Hard corals over rocks with a variety of reef creatures with the occasional turtle or manatee. A short boat ride from our dock.