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Snorkeling Sites & Reef In La Parguera

The natural location of La Parguera is something that cannot be recreated and it is one of the main reasons that we have some of the best snorkeling trips in Puerto Rico. When you arrive in La Parguera you’ll notice that the town is located right on the water along the edges of an extremely calm bay. Many fisherman, watersports, scuba diving and snorkeling depart from the marina in La Parguera, due to the fact that the natural elements in the area keep the waters calm and clear. The fact that Parguera is on the South coast of the island keeps the area additionally guarded from the current and winds that may occur on the North and West coasts.

Heading out from the docks are numerous mangrove cays, mangrove tunnels and natural islands that are surrounded by calm shallow waters. As you head further out of the bay, there begin areas of coral formations and shallow coral reef which is ideal for snorkeling. Snorkeling in La Parguera is famous for the fact that you can see such a variety of reef life at such a shallow depth. Ideal snorkeling is between 10 – 25 feet depth, for maximum visibility. Our snorkel trips will take you to some of the best reef in Puerto Rico where you can experience swimming with the fishes or, after dark, take a once-in-a-lifetime excursion to the bioluminescent bay.

Snorkel Site Enrique

Enrique – Enjoyed by both snorkelers and divers. The reef begins at the margin of the grass beds with soft corals and continues down to 60 feet. Hard corals over rocks with a variety of reef creatures with the occasional turtle or manatee. A short boat ride from our dock.